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Thornbury to Whitchurch

This should have been Thornbury to Shrewsbury but because I am still riding a day behind I have changed my route by traveling through Gloucester, Worcester, Telford, and onto Whitchurch. It was certainly a flatter route where I could definately make up time. Everything was going to plan until I popped a spoke right in front of a service station called Dunhampton Service Station. Well I couldn't believe my luck. I pulled into the service station and started stripping down the bike again. All I needed was a Torx T25 to remove the brake disk and put in a new spoke. The garage didn't have one and the attendant searched everwhere for one. Another cyclist passed by and he didn't have one. Finally a local pulled into the service station who happened to be cyclist said that he might have one at home. So he went home and came back with the T25. Finally got the disc off and a new spoke put in, the wheel on and everything back onto the bike. There was definately something wrong with the wheel for it still to be popping spokes. Four hours had passed before I got back on the road and although the wheel was better, it wasn't true. Looked up internet and found a Cycle Shop called Wheel Base was located in Whitchurch. So I went for it, and it meant that I would have to cycle right around the clock inorder to get there in the morning. I have never cycled through dusk, sunset and sunrise before and hopefully never again. (8:00am -8:00am 228.2 km) Arrived at the shop at 8:00am, pulled out my Helux chair and fell a sleep until it opened at 10am. The owner, Ian nudged me and I explained the situation and he sorted me out right away. Ian is an expert in rebuilding wheels and guided me from the fault in the wheel to the complete rebuild. What a great guy who did everything to get me back on the road including giving me coffee, skipping lunch with his partner and cycling with me to Nantwhich to make sure all was well. I can't thank him enough because I never had a problem after that. Thank you Ian for what you did for me and for being so kind. I also need thank Mike Yarworth for being so generous and helpful to get me back on the road to Whitchurch, and just to let you know that I managed to get a T25 in Nantwich.

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