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Tiverton to Bridgwater

Tim recommended that I take the canal route to Taunton and then getting onto the Bridgwater canal instead of being on the roads. This would take me out of Devon and relieve me of concentrating on the narrow roads and cars. Not as direct but a much more pleasurable ride. So after a hardy breakfast I got onto the canal route to Taunton was absolutely peaceful with a few dog walkers, the sun shining a canal path that was smooth for the full 10 miles which was when I had to get back onto the road system. when I got into Taunton and I made my way to the canal to Bridgewater and again that the path was great. I could see the showers in the distance moving in but hoped that I would get to Bridgwater before it reached me. Just my luck, I came up over the canal and hit a deep rut in the road which burst 2 spokes in my rear tire. Had to strip the bike down, take off the back wheel and try to feed two spokes through the brake disk and into the rim. As I was doing this the heavens opened up. Julie called and she managed to get in touch with Bicycle Chain in Bridgwater and explained the situation. They would stay open until I got there and would have a look at the wheel. Julie then guided me through the streets via cell phone and to the destination. When I got there, the guys looked at it could fix the spokes properly and true the wheel up so that I could continue my journey. Unfortunately, this whole episode put my timing out the window for getting to Thornbury. So I camped just outside Bridgwater in a campsite near Brent. They were fantastic, I got the site for free and let me have use of all the facilities including a towel for my shower. I would like to thank Bicycle Chain and Dulhorn Farm Holiday Park for there help and support.

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