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Bridgwater to Thornbury

Being a day behind meant that I would need to really need to pull out all the stops. Got up early and packed up everything and hit the road for 7am. My route was changing and I was limiting my stops. Road into Weston- super- Mare and grabbed a large cappuccino and made my way to Bristol. It was a hot day, and was drinking my water bottles like crazy. I came across this girl called Zoe who had an ice lolly stand at the side of a park. It reminded me of when we had a cool aid stand at the end of our street. So, I couldn’t resist and b

ought an ice cream lolly from her. Her parents came over and we started chatting for quite a while. They manged to open up the community hall so that I could fill my water bottles up. What eventually panned out was that Zoe had donated all her sales of ice lollies to CHSS. I was so taken back when I heard this that Zoe will for ever hold a special place in my memories of this cycle journey. Arriving into Bristol, I cycled under the Brunel Clifton Suspension Bridge. What an engineering feet it was at the time and still is. A beautiful structure to look at in wonder. Followed the River Avon estuary all the way round to Thornbury. Arrived at my destination a day late but got there in one peace. Alison of CHSS, had her parents host me that evening who so kind, thoughtful and forgiving about my late arrival. They made me feel so welcome and at home.

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