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The Support Team

My friend Malcolm Leitch, 40 years in the filming and editing business, has a wealth of experience and I have been lucky enough to have him on board. All I need to do is follow his instructions and that's it. The amount of time you have devoted to helping me  on this journey is incredible. Thank you Malcolm for all that you have contributed to this journey. Your friend, Gordon

Well, what can I say about my son Cory, apart from being 6'5, computer and social media-savvy. Going into 3rd year studying computer science at Glasgow University, Cory has been exceptional in organising and designing the website and all the link ups to social media. What takes him minutes would take me hours. A real time saver for me and I'm a lucky father to have a son that will spend the time trying to teach me how to work the tecky side of life. Thank you, Cory, for what you have done to help me. Love You. Dad xo

Without my wife, Julie-Clare's support and understanding in believing in me for what I am doing, this journey would never happen. You have stood by me all the way through the ups and downs and I owe you a great deal. Not only are you working,  holding down the fort while I am away, supporting our children, you will still find the time to support me whatever my needs may be as I make my way cycling LEJOG and across Canada. I am a lucky man and I love you lots, Gordon xxoo

Anna will be going to Edinburgh University studying nursing in September and I am sorry that I won't be there at the beginning to be a part of it. You have been great in taking over the things that I'd normally do to help your mum and support her while I am away and that says a lot about you as a person. Having your support and belief behind me on this journey, and making things easier for your mum has is made it easier for me to head off. Thank you Anna. Love Dad xo  

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