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I would like to thank Colin of Belhaven Bikes for his patience, working with me for the best set on my bike for this cycle challenge. His knowledge in guiding me through my choices of what would work best for me is unprecedented. If he didn’t have what I was looking for he found it, and if he didn’t know enough, what I was talking about he did the research and came back to me with the answers. This will be the 2nd cycle challenge that he has worked with me on and will keep coming back to him for his workmanship, honesty, and reliability. I highly recommend Colin at Belhaven Bikes for all your cycling needs. The only thing that he could work on is his coffee. A half decent espresso maker wouldn’t go far. Cheers Colin for all that you have done to help me on this journey and will catch up with you soon. 

In the summer of 2015, I did the City Link Cycle Challenge from Haddington to Vancouver unsupported. After researching for quality and affordable camping equipment that would work best for this challenge I chose Big Agnes.  The equipment was fantastic, easy to use and reliable and unique in so many ways. My son used this equipment for his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award in 2016 and my wife and I used it last summer on our backcountry climb in the Garibaldi Mountains, of British Columbia.  For this cycle challenge, I needed to reduce the size of my tent from a Copper Spur UL3 to something even lighter and yet not compromise on space. I got in touch with Big Agnes and explained what I was doing and asked for their advice and if they could help me. They got back in touch within 2 weeks with advice and explained the various options. I would like to thank Rob Peterson at Big Agnes and Big Agnes for their support and the ultralight equipment recommended for this journey. Without this support, my journey will be a lot tougher and heavier. A big thank you to Big Agnes and will keep you informed during my journey. 

I cant count the number of saddles that I have gone through trying to find something light enough and provide enough comfort over long distance cycling. I have had jelled seats, leather seats, plastic seats, wide, not so wide, narrow, Italian, not so Italian, and British. It wasn't until I came across this strange looking image of a seat on this triathlon's bike taking place in one the Iron Man competitions. I  scoured the internet looking for this seat which I eventually found. After reading up on it, I eventually phoned the company that makes this saddle and explained to them the kind of cycling I do.  I asked for a recommendation on the style of seat that would suit me and they sent me a sample to try out. It certainly looked very unconventional however, I put it on and headed towards the Lammemuir Hills in  East Lothian. It took about half an hour to get used to the feel of this seat, but boy was it comfortable. I came off that seat without any pins and needles. I sent the sample back and purchased that identical seat which was the ism PR2 in May of 2016 and I have never looked back. If you are like me and can't find that saddle, I would definitely recommend giving it a try. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. When I told them I was looking for a little help for this Uk-Canada Cycle Challenge 2018  they offered their support. Thank you ism for your support to this challenge and making the saddle that fits my needs.   

I have never dealt with Gear Club before, but I wish I had especially for my 2015 City link Challenge. They have been fantastic in sending me samples 6 different times for me to try without any problems. They have also allowed me to add on inches in length for my long arms and legs without any hesitation. Told them what I was looking for in the design and where I wanted my sponsor logos placed and they did it. Talking about servicing customer needs, these guys are absolutely awesome. I will recommend them to any cycling club or cyclist looking to design and personalize cycle clothing to look no further.  You get a lot for your money. Thank you, Salman Qureshi of Gear Club Clothing, for your patience and help and Gear Club for your support. 

Based in Scotland, designed in Scotland and made for the Scottish weather. I have used the endura base layer garments for cycling, working outdoors and hiking in the backcountry for many years now and the quality is next to none. So, when it came to looking for weatherproof gear for this challenge I knew of only one brand of clothing that I could rely on that would do the job. Especially their concept of Luminite which would see me through the nighttime cycling which I will have to do. My biggest fear is not being seen on the road in dull weather conditions or at night, and this will definately eliminate that fear. I wish to thank Endura for their support on this Cycle Challenge. 

Although I love the outdoors especially when it comes to cycle camping, staying at the Novotel Ottawa will be a welcome break from those long hours in the saddle from Halifax N.S. to Vancouver B.C. I will probably stay away from the newly renovated 24/7 fitness area but will definitely hit the indoor swimming pool and jacuzzi to relax and ease my aches and pains . I can't wait to indulge my taste buds into The Albion Rooms Restaurant's classic Elk Burger, their interesting West Coast Seafood Boil and being able to wash it all down with a wide range of Ontario crafted beers. What a treat away from the single camp stove burner and water bottles.  Thank you Novotel in Ottawa for sponsoring me on this UK - Canada C2C Cycle Challenge in aid of Heart & Stroke Foundation of Canada by putting me up during my short stay in Ottawa. A special thank you to Tracy Parslow (Director of Sales and Marketing) for organising a special event in support of this Cycle Challenge and I look forward to meeting her and the staff when I arrive.  


With a family of four Air Transat has been ideal for us traveling from Glasgow to Vancouver over the past 20 years. It is a Montreal-based Canadian low-cost leisure airline operating both scheduled flights and charter flights. Never have we been disappointed with the service whenever we have traveled with them. I can recall the time after being stuck in traffic, we had arrived at the check-in desk two minutes before closing, and they pulled out all the stops to get us through as fast as possible. Thanks to their great work we made that flight - even by the smallest of margins. The staff and flight crew have always been polite and very helpful. I wish to thank Air Transat for their support in transporting all of my gear and equipment back to the UK. I would definitely recommend them to anyone and for those who would like that little bit extra, you have Option Plus and Club Class. They serve 63 destinations in 30 countries, so why not take a look the next time you want to fly because you may be pleasantly surprised.     

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