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About Me

City Link Challenge 2015

In Aid of

"Kamuli School Lunches"

Why I chose this ride?

Hi there and welcome to my website “”. My name is Gordon Paterson from Canada born in Kelowna B.C and grew up in Port Coquitlam from 1960 until I left to travel in 1983. I have lived in Scotland since 1987 and now reside just outside Edinburgh. My family and I have traveled to Canada many times over the years, mostly to British Columbia where we would explore and visit family and friends. In 2013 my very dear Aunt Helene whom I was very close to had passed away in the hospital unexpectedly due to heart and stroke complications. In 2015 I received that unwanted phone call, that my Mother Ann Paterson suffered a stroke and from which she never recovered. Fortunately, I managed to get to her the day before she passed away. Then in 2016 my Father James Paterson suffered a hemorrhagic stroke and through hard work and support within the hospital and in the community he recovered. I knew that I wanted to help those affected by heart disease and stroke in some way. When I had made the connection with Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland (CHSS) and saw the work that they do through funding research into heart disease and stroke, providing recovery support and promoting a healthy active lifestyle for those affected by heart disease and stroke I knew this was where I could help. I then made contact with Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada and discovered that the work they do was very similar to CHSS. Having strong ties with Canada and Britain I wanted to bring the two organizations together and raise funds for the work they do.​​​

My  trusted machine of cogs and wheels "POCO" 2015 

The Journey

Being a keen touring cyclist I decided to give myself a challenge by cycling unsupported the length of Britain (Landsend to John O’Groats) and the breadth of Canada (Halifax to Vancouver) covering a total of 8,205 Km or 5,098 miles over 77 cycling days averaging 106km or 66 miles a day. Cycling unsupported means that I will be carrying my spare parts for my bike, tent, sleeping bag, cooking equipment, food, clothing and technical equipment without a backup vehicle. This is the longest cycle adventure I have undertaken and it will be a mentally and a physically exhaustive journey, without a doubt. But knowing that this will be helping CHSS and Heart & Stroke Canada in the support they provide for those affected by heart disease and stroke makes this journey an easy one to embark on.

Be Part of the Journey

If anybody would like to stop me on my journey and tell me their story or by e-mail of how they, their family or friend have been effected by heart disease and stroke, please do. If anybody would like to ride alongside me for any distance you are very welcome. Please donate and be part of the journey to help Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland and Heart Stroke Canada continue the vital work they do within the community and in research.

Back country hiking

in the Garibaldi Mountains


Every 7 minutes someone in Canada will have a heart attack


Every 10 minutes someone in Canada will have their 1st stroke 

Every 55 minutes someone in Scotland will have a heart attack


Every 45 minutes someone in Scotland will have their 1st stroke

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